Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK: IFHI) is a North Carolina-based financial services holding company, specializing in small business lending solutions and targeted bank deposit products to underserved verticals with a focus on technology and collaborative, opportunistic investments. Through its six wholly-owned subsidiaries (West Town Bank & Trust, West Town Insurance Agency Inc., Windsor Advantage, LLC, Glenwood Structured Finance, LLC, SBA Loan Documentation Services, LLC and Patriarch, LLC) the IFH family of companies employs nearly 130 people in approximately 12 locations across 7 states. IFH holds a minority investment in two additional companies (RiskScout, Inc. and Dogwood State Bank) and recently formed a joint venture with West Town Payments, LLC. IFH is registered with, and supervised by, the Federal Reserve.


IFH seeks to build a strong, multi-directional referral ecosystem of financial services companies through acquisitions, joint ventures and organic growth. Experienced in all aspects of financial services, the IFH team of talented and dedicated professionals continuously seeks to redefine quality service, drive change and shape the future of the industry. IFH is committed to embracing a spirit of entrepreneurship and strategic growth initiatives in an effort to advance the Organization's overall financial core competencies for its small business customers throughout the United States.